Callum’s Charity Quiz

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Callum’s Charity Quiz

All proceeds going to Helping Hand at Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Headways (Acquired Brain Injury Charity) and the NHS.

It’s that time of year again and we are fast approaching the Little Miss/Mr Northern Ireland Pageant.
Callum is currently Baby Mr Northern Ireland 2020 and is in the final of Little Miss/Mr Northern Ireland 2021.
This year there is also the chance to compete for Little Miss/Mr British Isles with others from England, Scotland and Wales. We only entered this last year as it was a way to raise funds for charity, Callum winning was the icing on the cake. We thought it would be a one off, but Callum enjoyed it so much we thought we would enter again this year. The pageant’s main goal is to raise money for charity and to help boost individuals’ confidence and social engagement.

The quiz: Each round costs £2.50 and you can enter as many or few rounds as you wish, up to a total of four rounds. The more answers you get right the more points you will score and the better a chance you will have at winning.

This is a quiz that would suit the whole family and has something for everyone. It has been designed so it is impossible for anyone to cheat so is fair for all. The winner will take half of all money raised regardless how much, we raise £100 and the winner gets £50, we raise £1000 and the winner gets £500. Should there be more than one person with the highest score I will release a bonus round (free of charge) to decide the winner.

To enter please contact me and let me know how many rounds you would like to enter and as soon as payment is received, I will send on your quiz. Please have answers back to me by Friday 1st October.

You can contact me via Facebook (Adelaide Lianne), email: or telephone 07542652117