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Kevin, Colleen & Oisín McGilligan are raising funds for the RBHSC. We’d just like to wish them a huge thank you for their support! You can read their story here and donate through their JustGiving page – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/oisinshelpinghand

Our Story…

Oisin was our first child, born Full Term in the Causeway Hospital Coleraine on 27th September 2016, after a 36 hour labour via C Section, weighing 9lbs, 11oz. On delivery Oisin was a off colour and needed oxygen and was placed in Incubation for a few hours to help him come round.

On the first bottle feed, Oisin’s milk was not going down it was simply pouring back up and out of his mouth, this was very strange to us, we thought this was maybe down to some mucus from birth not been cleared so again they cleared his mouth and tried again, same again the milk poured back up and out.

After several hours and checks it was diagnosed that Oisin had a very rare birth defect known as TOF/OA – Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (TOF) and Oesophageal Atresia (OA) these are rare congenital conditions of the oesophagus (food pipe) and/or trachea (airway) that affect one in every 3,500 babies. Babies born with TOF/OA need to have intensive neo-natal care prior to corrective surgery, normally within days of birth.

This was a massive shock to us, and we knew from speaking with the doctors a difficult, emotional and stressful time was ahead of us. Oisin was immediately referred to the RBHSC for surgery, a team from the PICU unit came down and collect our son. His Daddy Kevin followed, Mummy had to stay in the Causeway until fit to leave after the C Section

Oisin was operated on at 2 days old, and repaired via Key hole Surgery through his back and underarm.

He Spent 2 weeks after surgery in the PICU unit, he was then transferred
to the Barbour Ward, Oisin was still tube fed at this point. After a few days in the ward, Oisin took a bad turn and was transferred back into PICU with breathing difficulty, he was taken straight into theatre and a ventilation tube was put down, he was sedated and his breathing was controlled by the ventilation tube. He had a collapsed
lung and very bad infection, he also received one of many blood transfusions.

After another week in PICU, Oisin was ready to go back to the Barbour
Ward. After a few days, Doctors advised to try Oisin with a bottle, with
success he took one, after a few more days his feeding tube was taken away.

We got Home on October 29th 2016.

After a few weeks at home, Oisin choked on a bottle, he was taken to
A&E at the Causeway Hospital and was admitted to the children’s ward for observation, as after been accessed he had a slight wheeze. Within 48hrs Oisin deteriorated very quickly and was again brought to theatre and put on ventilation, a team from the Royal Chidrens Hospital came, once again, and collected Oisin and he spent 8 days in PICU he again had a collapsed lung and bad infection. He then spent a couple of days in the Barbour Ward and was then allowed home.

On the 28th December Oisin choked again on a bottle, this
time he stopped breathing and went floppy, we had to perform emergency CPR and call an ambulance, again he was taken to the Causeway and admitted to the children’s ward. We expressed concerns that he may need a stretch of his oesophagus as we were told a lot of TOF/OA children after surgery require stretches to allow swallowing to be made easier, after Dr Ledwick spoke to the Royal, Oisin was blue lighted up for surgery. He was admitted to theatre on New
Year’s Day 1st January 2017.

After surgery, Dr William McCallion spoke to us and he advised he was
going to bring Oisin back for another stretch on his Oesophagus on the 8th February 2017.

Oisin’s everyday life is a concern for us, however since receiving his last stretch he is doing amazing and is above average for his height and weight. He will always be TOF/OA child however Oisin will lead a very normal life.

We are raising money for Helping Hand for the PICU unit and Barbour Ward so they can maintain their high standards and support parents and continue their fantastic work, without these facilities Oisin may not be with us today, so we would like to ensure we can help them in any way to help other families and children in similar situations.

Thank you all again for reading our story and donating to this amazing charity,

Kevin, Colleen & Oisín McGilligan