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Can we just express our deepest thanks to Kirsty, Johnny & George for their support! Their JustGiving link is at the bottom.

Here’s their story…

On 3rd January 2018 myself and Johnny received devastating news that no parent ever wants to hear, I was 36 weeks pregnant and there was a problem with my scan, It had picked up there was a problem with our unborn child’s brain, our hearts sank…

George was born in the Royal Maternity on the 25th January 2018, induced at 38 weeks and the moment he was born there was serious problems, he was placed straight away on life support and we were told to prepare for the worst, he had all sorts of problems going on and they weren’t sure what was causing it but they knew it was all to do with a serious brain condition (which we still don’t have an answer for) He defied all the odds and pulled through a serious infection amongst many other problems

George spent 4 weeks in the Royal Victoria fighting hard; eventually we got home beginning of March….

That lasted for 4 weeks, at home things just weren’t right, He was having serious feeding issues so we were in and out of Causeway Hospital and no-one could get to the bottom of what was going on…

Eventually we were referred back to The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, that’s when things changed, the picture became a little clearer , Doctors started listening and taking action. We started getting some answers!

Days turned to weeks, which turned to months, we were travelling up and down the 120 mile round trip each day, it was emotionally and financially draining on family life! That’s were Helping Hands came in to help us, they temporarily funded accommodation closer to Belfast for the summer months to ease our commute which really take some of the pressure off, we would like to be able to give something back!..

During our stay at the Royal we couldn’t have been better looked after! The Staff at Paul Ward were just amazing!! From the Doctors and Nurses to Domestics; to Play Therapists ; every single one of them made our stay as comfortable as it could be given the circumstances, we can’t thank them enough. So we want to raise some funds for the ward to provide some much needed equipment!

I have decided to organise a Sponsored Walk on Sunday 16th September At Cuilcagh Boardwalk ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in Fermanagh. There are still a few spaces left on the designated bus if anyone is interested in joining in? ..

As many of you may know the outlook for our wee George isn’t so good, even though his condition is undiagnosed, we have been told that it is Life Limiting and unlikely to make his 1st Birthday, his epilepsy is so serious that he isn’t responding to treatment. There isn’t much more hospital can do for us so we are now at the NI children’s Hospice and we really don’t know how long we have left with our little guy. But we are living for each day making wonderful memories along the way… He’s a wee fighter!

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His “Giraffe teddy” has been with him through his emotional rollercoaster and spends most nights hugging it tight as he sleeps

Thankyou for all Donations!

Love Team George xx